Gaijin Entertainment finished the restoration of the Soviet T-44 medium tank

25 February 2015

On February 21st, 2015, Gaijin and the Kubinka Museum held a festivity for all fans and friends of military vehicles. Highlight of the program was a reenacted tank battle of World War II, where our restored T-44 of course participated!

T-44 was developed in 1944 and became an intermediary step to more complete and powerful tanks, such as T-54 and T-55.

This particular tank has unique history as it was used for trials before the tank batch production. For over 50 years this tank was kept in the museum storage in miserable condition. Restoration experts and War Thunder team in only 6 months managed to fully renovate the tank and recreate its historical look.

Now, the T-44 is a valued part of the museum's collection and will, besides being visible for daily visitors, participate in events and parades regularly.

In celebration of the restoration of the T-44, we'll include the 'Znamenskiy' decal to War Thunder, which is now painted on the restored T-44, with a coming update.  









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