13 July 2012 Hot sale from YUPLAY!

Only till 23rd of July YUPLAY gives you a chanse to buy Wings of Prey and Wings of Luftwaffe with a 90% discount and Apache Air Assault with 90% discount!

13 July 2012 Summer Stock from Steam.

Special offer - only till 23rd of July you can buy Blades of Time, Blades of Time Limited Edition with 75% discount, and add-on Dismal Swamp with 50% discount.

2 July 2012 Gaijin Entertainment Reveals New Game Details for War Thunder

We are proud to reveal new important information about War Thunder combat MMO game, including details about its gameplay modes, background on the game’s business model, and the intermediate results of the closed beta testing.

2 July 2012 Star Conflict database update - meet Federation of the Free Planets

We go on with sharing with you new exciting details about the in-game factions which are Empire, Federation of the Free Planets and Jericho.

29 June 2012 Unique offer - just this weekend!

Great sale! 90% discount on Wings of Prey during Special Deal on YUPLAY.COM.

28 June 2012 Stolen blueprints - new arts on the official site.

We've got some parts of a strange and intriguing spaceship's scheme, which nobody has ever seen before.

27 June 2012 Birds of Steel: the second DLC's available

Map Pack 2 DLC offers all aviasim enthusiasts two of the most pivotal combat operations on the Eastern front of WWII: Stalingrad Battle and Korsun Pocket.

22 June 2012 Empire — some new information

The official site of the game present some more information about the Empire.

20 June 2012 New fan videos!

Behold, the fan-made music video is ready and has gone public — as always made only with real-time in-game footage during the testing.


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