27 June 2016 War Thunder A Success Story for Player Revenue Share

War Thunder’s content sharing platform provides incentive for ‘bedroom coders’ and player generated content

27 April 2016 Crazy Killer Stalks Steam Early Access Today

2nd Title To Come Out Of Gaijin Entertainment’s inCubator

5 April 2016 Vehicle Combat MMO ‘Crossout’ Moves Into Closed Beta Today; Adds Player Created Bosses

Player Created Bosses Known As Leviathans Added for PVE Modes

31 March 2016 War Thunder Sets Sail With Historic Naval Combat

Legendary Naval Fleet Ships And Galleons Deliver The Broadside

16 March 2016 War Thunder ‘Battle March’ 1.57 Update Brings The High and Mighty to War Thunder’s Vehicle Line up

Massive Sunderland Flying Boat, Deadly P61 Black Widow, Plus Formidable Ground Armour and New Snow Environment Maps are Incoming!

28 January 2016 Crossout Battle Testing drivers wanted

Take Part in the Next Phase of Advanced Battle Testing for Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games Team Based Multiplayer Vehicle Combat Game

15 December 2015 British Tanks Roll Out For ‘Royal Armour’ War Thunder Update

First Desert Maps in War Thunder, Introduction Of British Tanks and Self Propelled Guns, New Jets Join The Ranks All in Time For The Holidays.

5 November 2015 War Thunder Raises Visual Benchmark With 1.53 ‘Firestorm’ Update

Destructibility Improvements, New Maps and First British Tanks

10 September 2015 Star Conflict Introduces Update 1.2 ‘Dogs of War’

Dreadnought Battle Access, Defence Contract Mode, New Spacecraft and More Geared Towards ‘Non Faction’ Players


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