Vandal: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment wants to put its two cents to the (f2p) genre and has a title that could become one of the main references in PlayStation 4. Gamescom Hands On

t is not difficult to see that War Thunder clearly the more complete and deeper game is in competition with World of Warplanes. The latter will surely enchant a specific audience that is just looking for a somewhat simpler arcade-like game fly. But are you looking for something more than just that simple gameplay, you'll quickly at War Thunder off. The game offers a lot more content and variation in the content, to a full campaign to it. Once in the dogfights are the differences between the two titles are not even always so great, but the context in which a dogfight is fought is also important, and that part looks at War Thunder a lot stronger than in World of Warplanes.

Trophies-ps3: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

We recommend all fans of the genre pay a visit to their stand.

The Guardian: Best games of Gamescom (incl. War Thunder)

James Jarvis from Future Publishing tried Gaijin Entertainment's indie MMO, War Thunder: "huge open battles between planes, ships and tanks. Could be PS4's sleeper hit," he Tweeted.

Softpedia: Hands on War Thunder (PS4) at Gamescom

In terms of visuals, the game looks pretty impressive on the PS4, although seeing as how you're in an airplane, you don't have time to really analyze the textures on the ground.

Softonic: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

The game is already perfectly playable and offers intense, technical fighting for undeniable pleasure. War Thunder is free ( it is possible to pay for a premium version that offers modest benefits ), we can only recommend it to all fans of multiplayer games.

PSX-Sense: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

War Thunder is an ambitious project and we applaud (Gaijin), especially in times where many publishers play it safe and come with sequels.

PSInside: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

Thunder had made ??a good impression and consistently impressed especially with an already good graphics and an appropriate difficulty level. Furthermore , the selection of tanks and planes was quite pronounced and thus promises a lot of variety.

Playstation Universe: Gamescom 2013 Awards: Best Simulation Game — War Thunder

The demo of the PlayStation 4 launch title War Thunder was lauded at Gamescom 2013 for its explosive World War II aerial battles. The gameplay of War Thunder seems fit for the PS4, or more specifically, the DualShock 4. The effect of mapping the controls out to those dual analogs will be amazing, and the triggers and buttons will make using your guns, cannons, torpedoes, bombs, and rockets more comfortable than ever. The Share button will also give you the ability to show off your skills at any time on the PSN or social media. The ability to share your gameplay easily is going to improve the overall experience, because nothing screams bragging rights more than shooting down three aircraft in one match.

Playstation Universe: Gamescom 2013 Awards: Best Multiplayer Game — War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment’s flight combat/tank blaster is the surprise multiplayer victor as far as Gamescom goes. The studio’s pedigree speaks for itself with the likes of IL-2 under its belt, and its dedication to both arcade-style fun and simulation can be found in War Thunder’s MMO environment, where teams of up to 32 players can blast each other into oblivion.

PlayMassive: Gamescom preview of War Thunder (PS4)

If everything works out, as shown us the PS4 buyer expects a knotless free enjoyment in fantastic optics. Alone with the cross-play feature and diversity of content raises it significantly from Wargamings World of Tanks Xbox 360 port from. A sleek all-round package, where you can easily switch between the different vehicles to dominate a vast battlefield? More please!

PlayDevil: Gamescom 2013 Preview: War Thunder

The game certainly feels a little bit more arcadey than previous efforts from the studio, but there’s still far more realism than most flight-sims out there.

Play it Live: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

Also, thanks to the joys of cross-platform and synchronized updates, PC gamers and console gamers can participate in the same battles after choosing one of the 300 aircraft available (some available against premium payments). And speaking of battles, we got a glimpse of the next update of the game that will add ... tanks. Indeed, unlike games wargaming here airplanes and tanks can coexist and even take part in multiplayer campaigns. Interview with Anton Yudintsev, CEO of Gaijin Entertainment

Although War Thunder looks good, the game is insanely better with the virtual reality glasses Oculus Rift, which is fully supported by the game. It is almost indescribable how immersive the experience is to fly from a fully detailed cockpit in 3D.

Mondes Persistants: First look at PS4 version of War Thunder

The graphics level is really impressive. The horizon can be magnified ten times more than on the PC, and the vibration of the joystick when you pull it or take a shell in the tank is very immersive. In addition, the speed of movement of the vehicle is real. So, if you go 60 miles an hour and the map is 20 km long you will take 20 minutes to cross.

MMOBomb: Gamescom F2P preview (incl. War Thunder)

The other update worth mentioning has to do with War Thunder and no, it doesn’t have to do with the PS4. Gaijin Entertainment finally showed off a small bit of gameplay footage from the upcoming tank update for the previously fighter plane only simulator. While we can’t speak in too much detail about it, but suffice it to say the update may give World of Tanks a run for its money.

M3 Magazine: Gamescom First Look at War Thunder PS4 version

We got to see a test session right on PS4 and we were amazed by the graphics capability of the title, as well as the maneuverability offered by custom controls for use with the controller of the PS4.

Le Blog Jeu Video: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

Indeed, after a more than successful beta phase, which reports hundreds of thousands of new players each month, Gaijin studios are putting the project into overdrive to land with great pomp on the future PlayStation 4. Gamescom War Thunder Overview

First look at the new trailer made ??for GamesCom , and we must say it is one of the best we've seen in the whole show Gamescom preview of War Thunder

If the structure of the game look good, the gameplay is also perfectly integrated. Gaijin has worked hard on optimizing the controls on the new Dual Shock 4 and it seems that the synergies with the Sony console are very good.

InTheGame: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

Personally, I think this game is promising and might be the next big unexpected hit.

IGN Italia: First impressions from War Thunder

The first impressions are definitely positive and remains the hope, I hope not in vain, that the next few weeks are well spent in the optimization of each component of the code.

GGS Gamer: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

Our sneak peeks to date have illustrated crisp, clean graphics with jawdropping attention to detail.

Gaming Lives: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

From what I saw, War Thunder is shaping up to be an exciting and excellent game that even people who’ve never played a flight sim should try. With realism oozing out of the seams, combined with an arcade feel to rope in newbies such as myself, it’s a game that looks like it could draw in just about every gamer. There’s a beta on right now, and I would definitely recommend getting on it and giving it a go.

Gamgea: Video Preview of War Thunder

Three games in the same setting?? Awwwwwesome!

GamesCrowd: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

War Thunder is a great example of that free-2-play - games can be played well and also can look great. War Thunder vs. World of Tanks

Despite what you might think, War Thunder is not trying to trump Wargaming, which has the three branches of military divided into their own games. But according to Gaijin, War Thunder is not a direct competitor, because Wargaming focuses more on gallery playing, which War Thunder focuses on… wait for it… war! In practice, this means more realistic graphics and loyal physical models and movement of machines.

Gamers Lounge: Gamescom preview of War Thunder PS4 version

It is innovative and something that makes me feel like playing more.

Game2Gether: Gamescom first look at War Thunder

They (Gaijin) offered Gamescom visitors exclusive insights into the console version, which was shown by an impressive demo of the game. In addition to the improved graphics… one was particularly proud that the game is presented as a cross-platform title: Playstation 4 and PC players can compete together than against each other.

GameFeature: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

The attention to detail will make you really feel like a World War II fighter pilot when you plunge into battle. The realistic World War II experience is not limited to the sky. The historic battles of the War Thunder distinguished, can not only be played in the air, the game will also offer opportunities to fight on land and at sea.

Gadget Gear: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

Definitely a game to keep an eye on in the future.

G.Mag: War Thunder preview

Preview on the page 54 describes War Thunder in every aspect.

Focus: Gamescom Award Winner Round-up

Only flying is better - flying while tearing opponents to pieces, of course, but the most beautiful. Especially if the shooting is fun and also free, as in a Gamescom Award winning "War Thunder" by Gaijin Entertainment. The free-to-play game features World War II battles with the contemporary battle machines, battle additional device, the player can either play free or buy. Gamescom preview of War Thunder

However, the most surprising thing was when the guy controlling the game and talking about it pressed a button and switched from a tank to a plane flying in the sky on the same map and kept playing. That’s right, guys, War Thunder will feature a full “plane and tanks” gameplay on the same map, and they can absolutely fight each other. Moreover, it will be possible to switch from a plane to a tank at any moment. Besides being amazing, this is also impressive if you consider that even Wargaming in their “World of” series is not going to have this simultaneous multi-vehicle mode.

Edge Magazine: Interview with Anton Yudintsev and Kirill Yudintsev, co-founders of Gaijin Entertainment

Gaijin Entertainment confirmed that it will be releasing its free-to-play aerial combat MMOG War Thunder on PS4 in time for launch earlier this week, with “easier socialising tools” plus support for video sharing and streaming on the platform. The game is currently in open beta on PC, and will be playable across platforms.

Desconsolados: Gamescom First Look at War Thunder

The first thing we do after seeing the trailer for PS4 concept to a volume that has left us trembling and you can see below - , we begin to see the cockpit of an aircraft in flight. The scenario is realistic and very good detail.

Daily Joypad: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

This was an unexpected hit at Gamescom 2013, as War Thunder takes on Wargaming in their free-to play grand-scale military MMO.

BonusWeb: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

War Thunder is a competitor of World of Tanks on a free-to-play model. The game is free to download, however players can purchase various benefits.

Bone-Idle: Gamescom preview of War Thunder PS4 version

Each vehicle is designed to match its real world counterpart in every detail, not only from the outside visually but also under the hood as well. Speed, controls and weapons are all realistic. / The game itself plays incredibly smooth, the controls do take some time to get used to but it is quite natural and starts to makes sense within a few minutes. / Warthunder is looking very impressive, it looks and plays well and the chance to take part in the massive epic battles is mouth watering.

9Lives: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

There was a sigh of relief when the good man mentioned that all controller buttons can be assigned to the actions that we want. And whatever the merit of their own Dagor engine will be, everything looked really good on the next- gen console. We were told that the interface appears only when needed and so it remains a largely empty screen to enjoy. Those beautiful vast landscapes with a view of 5,000 kilometers and a total area of ??10,000 m?... you already have to dare to dream.

7 out of 10: Gamescom preview of War Thunder

The big things that War Thunder has going for it, especially when compared to its rivals, is that it has cross-platform play… In fact developers Gaijin are so adamant that the number of players is key that they cite that as the number one reason why War Thunder is also free to play. Players can buy boosts that will give them a percentage increase in XP and in-game currency, but there’s no pay to win we’re assured as planes are unlocked with ranks rather than directly through coin. Gamescom preview of War Thunder

The flight model is far more complex (than World of Warplanes), the planes are susceptible to strong lateral forces, react much more slowly, and differ significantly from model to model. Also, targeted shooting with the cannon is demanding and dogfights are a challenge, even in the simple arcade mode. In addition, more options are available for the pilots : There are elaborately designed cockpits and take-offs and landings. Also, the mission objectives are very different. Gamescom preview of War Thunder

According to (Gaijin), the server is running only in the EU and Russia / America at the moment. It's because the fans are focused on weapons from Russian troops and the United States..., hmm...... surely they will open up a server in Japan soon.

Star Conflict will do for spaceships what World of Tanks did for... umm

How many space battles have you had today? Were they good space battles and did you enjoy them? How much did your space battles cost you? Star Conflict offers you just about as many space battles as you could possibly want, space battles in deadly starfighters and great, hulking, multi-turreted frigates.

War Thunder is the best MMO that you've never heard of

You should have heard of it by now, too, yet it’s had only cursory coverage in the western games media. Still, that hasn’t stopped the over 500,000 players signing up for the open beta, climbing into their cockpits and peppering each other with holes for hours on end.

Review: Star Conflict

If you’re on this website, odds are you have a softspot for flying a spaceship. Chances are also pretty good that you like blowing up other spaceships while flying a spaceship. Star Conflict, a game which has been in open beta for several months, is our staff’s latest obsession. This space sim, who developer Star Gem Inc. bills it as “MMO SPACE ACTION”, is free-to-play, easy-to-play, and shows surprising polish and sophistication for a game which, until its recent massive success on Steam, has remained all but off the radar of the gaming public.

Star Conflict - Hands on

Dopo War Thunder, rivelatosi una graditissima sorpresa per tutti gli amanti della simulazione aerea e del gaming online, abbiamo avuto occasione di giocare un altro MMO sviluppato da Gaijin Entertainment, uno Space Sim free-to-play orientato verso lo stesso tipo di pubblico. Per chi non l'avesse ancora capito, stiamo parlando di Star Conflict, un gioco al momento in fase open beta, da poco rilasciato su Steam: un titolo che mira a riempire il vuoto di un'industria che da diversi anni sembra snobbare il genere delle simulazioni spaziali. First Look at Star Conflict OBT

StarConflict is a dynamic action MMO, allowing you to sit at the helm of a starship and take part in massive star fleet battles! Control several different ships from fast and furious interceptors, to powerful, hulking, frigates as you and your squad fight for galactic dominance. With a slight arcade feel, StarConflict takes dogfights to an intergalactic extreme, giving you full 360 degree control, cloaking, lasers and, who doesn't like space nukes!?

Run n Gun — A Solid Endless Runner by Gaijin Entertainment

You will never guess what you’re going to be doing in Gaijin Entertainment’s Run ‘n’ Gun: you’re gonna be running, while gunning. Amazing. But is this game as freaking amazing as this introduction to said game’s review? Let’s take a look.

Run'n'Gun review from

All joking aside, Run'n'Gun really isn't a particularly fresh concept, so it had better play a mean game if it's to impress.


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