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Rules of Conduct for Star Conflict Heroes game servers.
Current edition.

These rules describe the requirements for the behaviour of Star Conflict Heroes players on game servers.
All the provisions listed in the Rules are in accordance with the User Agreement.

Please note that these Rules do not describe all possible situations of inappropriate behaviour. In all cases, the final word remains with the administration of the project. Each situation will be considered individually, and the severity of the punishment will depend on the specific circumstances and the severity of the specific violation.

Terms Used

A nickname is a player-selected name associated with a player's account, identifying him on Star Conflict Heroes game servers.

The clan is an in-game association (group) of players, created and controlled by players for the purpose of playing together, communicating and participating in special game modes on Star Conflict Heroes servers. Rules of clan behaviour on game servers are presented in a separate article.

Elements of clan design are description elements independently selected and modified by the members of the clan.

Devoice is the switch of text chat to “read-only” mode, which blocks the player from sending messages.

Game Master (and/or Moderator) is a person appointed by the project administration to oversee players' compliance with the Rules of Conduct on Star Conflict Heroes game servers.

1. Nicknames and clan names

It is forbidden to use the following as a nickname or clan name:

1.1. Obscene or offensive language. Since without a qualified linguistic examination it is difficult to draw an unambiguous conclusion about whether abusive similar sounds/transliteration or a simple word in another language or an innocent abbreviation is used, in ambiguous cases we use the number of complaints from different players to determine the insult. The complaints must not be connected and must be submitted independently.

1.2. Words, phrases and idioms that promote discrimination at all levels, including political, religious, national, racial, ethnic, sexual.

1.3. Words, phrases, fully or partially composed of copyrighted trademarks and names.

1.4. The names of political and historical figures of the XX-XXI centuries.

1.5. Words, phrases and idioms referring to psychotropic or narcotic substances, alcohol, tobacco and their use.

1.6. Words and phrases that relate to sexual abuse or cruelty, or have a vulgar sexual meaning.

1.7. Words, phrases, in any way associated with persons who violate or violate Russian or international law, including the names and surnames of Nazi leaders, the names of other military officers and criminals.

1.8. Names of organizations recognized by Russian or international courts as criminal, extremist or terrorist. Including the names of organizations, units and military units that were part of SA, SS, SD of Hitler's Germany.

1.9. Words, phrases that are misleading about their affiliation to developers, project officials (forum moderators, chat moderators, community coordinators, game masters) and project administration.

2. Punishments for violations related to the Nickname, elements of clan design and the name of teams

Actions to eliminate violations of articles 1.1.-1.9. of these Rules can be undertaken by game masters on the basis of complaints received from players, or by the Administration as a result of analyzing the player account database.

2.1. Nickname:

2.1.1. In the event of a player violation of articles 1.1.-1.9. of these Rules when choosing a nickname, the game master can change the player's nickname to a nickname generated at random, without warning and notifying the player.

2.1.2. In the case of repeated violations of articles 1.5.-1.9. of these Rules, the Administration can block a player’s account for a period from 3 days to permanent blocking.

3. Text and voice chat

Text chat of the Star Conflict Heroes game is subdivided into: general game chat, clan chats, and in-game mail. In-game mail allows you to send private messages to other players. The game's text chat and in-game mail of Star Conflict Heroes are post-moderated.

All responsibility for the content of the message in the text chat and in-game mail rests solely with the account owner, regardless of who exactly was the author of the messages on behalf of this account.

The following is prohibited in the game world:

3.1. Meaningless and empty messages, repetition of the same message several times within one standard-sized dialogue box;

3.2. Obscene or offensive expressions, words and phrases similar to them in both Russian and English, including transliteration.

3.3. Targeted insults, the humiliation of the dignity of persons of a particular gender, sexual orientation, religion, and other topics incompatible with generally accepted laws of morality and decorum.

3.4. Discrimination and propaganda of discrimination at all levels, including national, racial, religious, ethnic, sexual.

3.5. Political and religious propaganda.

3.6. Any advertising messages, including advertising third-party game projects, links to sites on the Internet, except for links to the official sites of Gaijin Entertainment, Targem Games or their official pages on social networks and other public resources.

3.7. Any other types of provocative behaviour in the chat or using the in-game chat, including slander, posting false information.

3.8. Vulgar sexual vocabulary, behaviour, realistic description of sexual or other violence, any illegal or sexual activities.

3.9. Promotion of drugs, psychotropic substances, alcohol and tobacco.

3.10. Any manifestations of Nazism, nationalism, incitement of interracial, interethnic, interfaith discord and hostility, calls for the overthrow of the government by force.

3.11. Discussion of methods of hacking protection and any illegal ways to circumvent the protection of software products Gaijin Distribution Kft.

3.12. Attempts to impersonate a developer, an official of the project (forum moderator, chat moderator, community coordinator, game master), a project administration representative.

3.13. Messages about buying, selling and exchanging accounts.

3.14. Messages that directly or indirectly contain threats and (or) hints of violent acts in any field not related to the game.

4. The moderation of text chat, the game world, the consideration of complaints. Punishments

4.1. General game chat is moderated directly from the game client and on the basis of complaints filed by players. When dealing with the violation of articles 3.1.-3.14. of the Rules, Chat moderators can impose a chat block (devoice) for up to 1 day to immediately stop the violation. Game masters can subsequently impose an additional penalty, according to articles 4.5.-4.6. of the Rules based on complaints filed by players.

4.2. Game room chat, group chat and clan chat are moderated by game masters based on complaints from players.

4.3. In-game mail messages are not moderated. In the event of a conflict in personal correspondence, the player has the ability to block the receipt of messages from the offender.

4.4. In case of violation of articles3.1.-3.7. of the Rules, the following punishment is imposed:

1st violation — 2 days of devoice;

2nd violation — 3 days of devoice;

3rd violation — 5 days of devoice;

4th violation — 10 days of devoice;

5th violation — 9th violation — 15 days of devoice;

10th violation and more — 90 days of devoice.

The violation of article 3.6 may result in blocking the in-game chat for a period of at least 30 days, while repeatedly violating it can lead to a complete block of the account.

5. Clans.

5.1 In the absence of a clan leader within 15 days, the leadership will automatically be transferred to the Officer with the highest rating within the clan.

5.2. Clan names must not violate section 1 of these rules. In case of violation, the clan name may be changed without notice.

5.3 The administration is not responsible for the actions of the clan leader.

6. Unsportsmanlike and unacceptable behaviour

Unsportsmanlike behaviour is an intentional violation of the rules of the game, actions that interfere with the conduct of fair battles or prevent other players from enjoying the game.

Unsportsmanlike behaviour includes:

6.1. Exploiting bugs/vulnerabilities in game mechanics or game client modification

6.2. The use of any means of gameplay automation (bots, clickers, macros, etc.) that allow you to perform actions in the game without player agency.

7. Penalties for unsportsmanlike and unacceptable behaviour

7.1. In case of violation of section 6 of the rules, the account can be permanently blocked. This can occur automatically or on the basis of complaints or reports.

7.2 Any items or goods obtained unfairly can be removed from accounts

8. Other cases

8.1. The administration of the project reserves the right, in the event that a player commits actions that do not formally fall under the existing prohibitions but have caused a massive negative reaction and complaints from other players, to block a player's account for a period up to permanent blocking.

8.2. The administration of the project reserves the right in the case of the player's actions aimed at circumventing the punishments previously imposed on the player, including creating additional accounts, to impose a lock on all player accounts, up to permanent blocking.

9. Arbitrage. Appeal of punishments

9.1 If a player believes that the punishment was rendered unreasonably, erroneously or contrary to the Rules of the game, he can appeal this punishment with technical support https://support.gaijin.net/hc/en  

9.2. The correspondence between the player and the game master, or the administrator is personal. Partial or complete disclosure of correspondence on the forum or other sites is unacceptable. Transfer of information from the correspondence to third parties is also unacceptable.

10. Modification and updating of the Rules

10.1. These Rules can be changed and supplemented by the decision of the Administration of the project without prior notice to the players.

10.2. Rules come into effect from the moment of publication.



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